Ian Armstrong
UX Evangelist

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Fail Fast, Stay Curious, Embrace the Unknown

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I’m a San Francisco based user experience (UX) designer who has spent nearly two decades building web and mobile experiences for startups and enterprises.

Since the merger of Dell and EMC I’ve been working with the Digital Marketing team to help Dell-EMC transform into a design thinking leader. We practice a form of reductive design that blends the lessons from companies like Ideo, Airbnb, Salesforce, and Google Ventures with the skills of a diverse team of designers, data scientists, business strategists, front-end engineers, and UX mavericks. I’ve created a human centered design driven intake process that focuses on measurable KPI generation and measurement, while developing a custom form of dual-track agile for creative teams. It’s exciting stuff.

UX is the intersection of user needs and business objectives focused through the lenses of human centered design to create value propositions. Curiosity is always the gateway to engagement. Engagement is all about a having strong sense of purpose on both sides of the conversation.